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IoT Design and Applications

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

This course was created to help learners understand how to design an IoT system and Application thereof.

IoT systems are complex and heteregenous, hence designing such systems is crucial in the early phase of the development of an Application.. This course makes the learners to understand the intricacies of the complexity of the IoT System and helps the learners in designing the system.


The Core understanding of the computing system and basic programming skills are needed to learnt this course..

Course Staff

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Prof. Pradeep Kumar TS

Prof. Pradeep Kumar is an Associate Professor from VIT Chennai did his doctorate in Power Modeling of IoT Systems for Mission Critical Systems. He holds an undergraduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a Masters in Embedded systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Emulator I can use for Learning the Course?

For this course, the learners can use the Contiki NG Operating System as an Emulator.

Which Operating System I need to use to learn this cours?

The learners can use any OS to see the videos and other materials, but to learn Contiki NG, the learners either can use of Mac OS or Linux OS.