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Elements of Network Simulation

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About This Course

Testing a network in real in general is difficult, because it involves real network devices and elements like routers, switches, hubs, repeaters, etc. This learners can learn about the different networking elements and a simulator for Wired and Wireless Networks Network Simulator 3(NS3).

Network Simulation is been the talk of the town since the Ethernet was evolved. Till this day, network simulation plays a major role in research and development. Developing a new algorithm, protocol, a new packet, a new queue, an application involves some amount of knowledge in the network and also when deployed in real networks which lacks to adopt all these changes. Either the hardware elements may not support or the software updation may not be possible. So this course is framed to give the basics of networking and an introduction to Network Simulator 3 and its tools.


Basic networking knowledge and basic programming skills.

Course Staff

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Prof. Pradeep Kumar TS

Prof. Pradeep Kumar is an Associate Professor from VIT Chennai did his doctorate in Power Modeling of IoT Systems for Mission Critical Systems. He holds an undergraduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a Masters in Embedded systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Operating System should I use?

To learn ns3 and its tools, you may use Linux or Mac OS. However, Linux is preferred.

Shall I use a VM Image to learn ns3, as I have Windows OS in my laptop ?

Yes, you can use any Virtual Machine Image to learn ns3. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is preferred.